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Canada Goose Black Friday One of the things keeping people warm may also get them robbed.

Canada Goose jackets are becoming the “in thing” in extreme outerwear. But the goose down and coyote fur coats can go for $800, and that makes them an attractive target for thieves canada goose jacket,canada goose uk.

Canada Goose coats are marketed as the perfect blend of style and function. They’re worn by celebrities in Hollywood and by scientists in Antarctica, but if you’re wearing one in Chicago, then beware because thieves may be watching and waiting to take yours.

canada goose jacket sale Chances are you’ve spotted one on a well-heeled Chicagoan, especially on a frigid day. Canada Goose jackets are easy to identify from the signature red patch on the arm to the genuine coyote fur lined hood. These jackets have become one of the hottest trending fashion accessories of the season, and they’re selling three to four a day at Uncle Dan’s in Lincoln Square.

womens canada goose jacket “There is for sure a fashion aspect to the coats…but the hype is built on a solid foundation of warmth and craftsmanship,” said Andrew Lund, who’s the Customer Experience Manager at Uncle Dan’s Great Outdoor Store.

The coat is layered thick. With 450 hours of construction per jacket, Canada Goose is nicknamed the Swiss watch of coats, which could explain the hefty price tag.

moncler jacket Jackets start at $500 and can go for well over a grand, and that has made these coats a hot target for thieves.

Moosejaw in Lincoln Park has been hit with four smashes and grab robberies within the past month alone.

An Old Town teacher, Tony Choi, also recently had his coat stolen and he’s learned an expensive lesson: Canada Goose coats should never be left unattended.

canada goose outlet “So, I had to go the emergency room cause I was in a car accident and while I was being treated, my friend was looking after my stuff and he stepped out for a moment to answer a phone call and it got swiped from the waiting room,” Choi said.

Choi’s replaced his stolen coat with another Canada Goose, but it’s cautionary tales like his that have salespeople advising new buyers of expensive winter jackets to beware, regardless of the brand.

“I’ve heard stories of people grabbing these coats, but I’ve also heard of people grabbing Patagonia coats and North Face coats,” Choi said.

canada goose london About Canada Goose Hybridge® Lite Puffer Jacket
Hybridge® Lite quilted ripstop windproof puffer jacket by Canada Goose with 800 fill power Hutterite white goose down; tensile-tech inserts at sides and arm for expanded fit.
Approx. measurements: 32.5″L from shoulder to hem; 38″L sleeve.
TEI score of 1; comfortably endures temperatures of 5 to -5 degrees Celsius (41 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.)
Hooded collar with reflective tap; two-way YKK® zip front.
Long sleeves with thumbholes for comfort and performance; logo patch on left sleeve.
Vertical zip pockets; internal mesh pocket.
Tricot-lining at the back of the neck for added warmth.
Slim, insulated fit.
Hem hits at mid-thigh.
Featherweight 10D nylon; recycled polyester lining; machine wash.
Made in Canada of Japanese material.
About Canada Goose:
kids canada goose Proud to proclaim continuous production in Canada since 1957, Canada Goose uses their own climate as inspiration for their jackets, shells, parkas, bombers, and cold-weather accessories. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear, Canada Goose uses an in-house developed Thermal Experience Index, which is a five-point system to pinpoint the coat to meet individual needs.
canada goose sale uk Winter ushers in one of my favorite times of year: Parka Season. Unfortunately, here in Chicago, the temperatures have only briefly dipped below 35℉, which in my opinion does not make it cold enough to finally break out the parka. My fellow UChicago students appear to feel very differently about this matter as parkas appeared all across campus the first day below 50℉. Upon the beginning of Parka Season here in Chicago, I could not help but notice the disproportionate amount of Canada Goose parkas on the quad. Now, I understand that the University of Chicago as a whole has a relatively affluent student body—to put it modestly—but I am continually shocked by the number of students casually wearing $800-$1400 jackets. And to be clear, I am theoretically guilty of this very offense; if I could afford a Canada Goose jacket, you bet I would wear it the first day I feel a cool breeze. But why are students (or their parents/benefactors) willing to indulge in such a luxurious jacket? Are these jackets being worn for fashion, practicality, or to publicly demonstrate affluence? Let’s consider the case for Canada Goose.

The History of Canada Goose
canada goose jacket uk In one sentence, Canada Goose characterizes their history as, “Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto almost sixty years ago, Canada Goose has grown into one of the world’s leading makers of luxury apparel.” Despite this description as a “luxury apparel” brand, they began as a company focused on performance rather than the luxury. They developed the signature Expedition Parka for scientists in Antarctica, which soon became standard issue for researchers and those spending extended time in Antarctica. In the early 2000s, Canada Goose continued their mindset of “embracing Arctic adventure” by partnering with professional dogsledder Lance Mackey.

Actor Daniel Craig sports a Canada Goose jacket in Spectre.
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Today, they partner with Goose People, Canadians they see as “everyday heroes who strive for excellence. Their journeys, achievements and ‘can do’ attitudes inspire us.” Among these Goose, People are extreme adventure athletes, polar explorers, basketball players, climbers, movie directors, soccer players, and tennis players, to name a few.

north face Given their success as a performance jacket company, a little over 20 years ago Canada Goose began partnering with the film industry to outfit cast and crew in their jackets during production in extreme climates. This decision single-handedly changed the direction of Canada Goose forever. It was only a matter of time before the jackets went from being off the screen to on the screen in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, National Treasure, the James Bond series’ Spectre, and most recently Manchester by the Sea. Now entering into the realm of celebrities, the jackets started spreading among the rich and famous, eventually spreading to upper-class North Americans.

Canada Goose jackets remain the gold standard for Arctic jackets, but as a jacket for urban or suburban use, it has limited practicality. Even city dwellers will rarely face the intense levels of cold these jackets were designed for, however, when used by a city commuter finding themselves walking through snow and low temperatures, the comfort, and warmth provided by the jackets may give a legitimate reason to warrant their purchase. But still, even if one justifies the practicality of a Canada Goose jacket, other companies make products that will function in the same capacity for half the price.

black canada goose  Other big-name outdoor brands such as North Face, Eddie Bauer, Patagonia, Columbia, Marmot, and Rab all offer parkas in the relatively less expensive $300 range. Considering these options, Canada Goose jackets decisively did not become popular solely due to function. It’s that patch on the side of the left arm—an indicator of status, luxury, and possibly superiority. Maybe those who can afford these jackets without thinking about it (a girl in my apartment owns three) would be appalled by my conclusions about what wearing a Canada Goose jacket means, but if it does not mean these things, why not just cut off the patch? I challenge you, Canada Goose jacket owner, cut off the patch or at least purchase from the Black Label line with the smaller, black/white patches canada goose sale,canada goose parka,canada goose mens,canada goose coat,moncler,canada goose womens,canada goose coats,goose coats,canada goose jacket,canada.

When considering these jackets as fashion, the price should have little to no bearing. After taking away this factor, Canada Goose jackets make a beautiful addition to the winter wardrobe. Made with white duck down and coyote fur ruffs, the quality undeniably sets them apart from other outdoor brands. Their parkas bear the proud “Made in Canada” stamp and hold a history of design with attention to detail for performance and style. As much as people like to talk down the fashion of the rich and famous, Canada Goose jackets caught on not because of a name—they became a name.

canada goose bomber Their designs set the industry standard for parkas; other outdoor brands clearly try to replicate Canada Goose designs to keep up with their growing popularity. The company’s continued growth does present risks, namely becoming a sellout to mediocrity in some of its products in order to lower prices. This phenomenon occurred with North Face, a brand originally known for making extreme climate gear for climbers that has since developed many levels to their brand. For example, American department stores across the country sell North Face jackets, which diminishes their exclusivity. North Face sells parkas ranging from $100-$800, creating a wide variance in the quality of their products. If Canada Goose wants to retain their reputation as an Arctic adventure outfitter, they must be careful in their expansion.

canada goose mens jacket With United States flagship stores already in New York, Chicago, and Boston, the company plans to open 15-20 more stores in North America by 2020. This year they released a new line of knitwear, which they characterize as “bringing purpose-driven design and prowess in crafting function-first apparel to luxurious Merino wool garments.” The launch of the new knitwear line signals a shift in the brand’s focus from functionality to fashion.
canada goose jacket The knitwear line also suggests the company’s willingness to sacrifice company mission for growth. Made in Italy and Romania, their knitwear does not have the “Made in Canada” assurance that defines part of the company’s appeal and mission. When asked about this decision by the Chicago Tribune, Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss said, “If we could have made it in the same level in Canada, we would have, but we’re not able to… It’s not about price; it’s not about going to a low-cost environment; it’s about making it in the right place for the product to be made canada goose mens jacket,canada goose bomber,black canada goose ,north face,canada goose jacket uk,canada goose sale uk,kids canada goose,canada goose london.”

Reiss also used to position himself against brands with distinct logos until the recent explosion in his own brand’s popularity. “I used to cut alligators off my shirts. Now I understand a brand is a reputation,” Reiss said.

canada goose jackets Canada Goose products are fashionable, point blank. Any item that sets the industry standard deserves to be recognized as such. But well-off college students wearing these jackets on 50 degree days indicate their status as a fad among this demographic. In this situation, these jackets have no real function other than to “look cool.” Come on, we live in Chicago in the midst of rather a severe climate change (i.e. mild winters) and only have to walk a few hundred feet between the Reg and the quad. I have yet to meet a University of Chicago student who spends extensive time in the cold or goes on Arctic adventures necessitating the level of warmth and function provided by a Canada Goose jacket.

While still too early to tell if Canada Goose jackets will remain popular, current enthusiasm for the jackets stems from their association with luxury and reputation as a social statement, not their “objective qualities” as Antarctica-grade cold gear. Therefore, as students purchase these jackets based on this reasoning, I consider them a fad at the University of Chicago. This is not to say the company lacks a consumer base who uses these jackets for situations closer to functional intent. In those cases, the jackets should not be considered a fad, but among most college students—definitely a fad.

goose coats But what about fashion? Yes, across all boards these jackets (and anything with Canada Goose on it) constitutes fashion by definition. The desire and trend to wear Canada Goose only continues to grow in North America and adds a wonderful piece of clothing to anyone’s winter essentials.

I wish I had washed a “dry-clean-only” duvet. The cleaners didn’t dry-clean it. They laundered it — in HOT water! It did fine. Except. It shrank from a Queen size to an oversized twin. It’s even too small for a Full-size bed. If I’d washed it myself, it would have been in cold water, and I could still use it on my bed. I should have listened to my mother — she said, “If it’s something that people wore or had before about 1880, they washed goose uk,canada goose sale,canada goose parka,canada goose mens,canada goose coat,moncler,canada goose womens,canada goose coats,goose coats,canada goose jackets. You can too. Dry cleaning didn’t come along for everyone till after that.” You can even wash wool fabric if you do it by hand in cold water and use a very mild soap such as the Ivory liquid. About the only thing you really can’t always wash successfully is rayon and some treated silks. Silk is washable — how do you think those ancient Chinese kept their clothes clean? You just have to iron it while it’s still wet, with a not-too-hot iron. I can actually remember my grandmother (back in the 50’s) washing her featherbed. She used a big soapstone tub and a stick to get the darned thing clean. Like most everyone else, I hate dry cleaners. Since they all went to franchises and/or big chains, and the little mom-and-pop cleaners went out of business, stuff comes back still dirty and smelling of naphtha. Ugh!

canada goose coats Yes, I’ve washed all my duvets, pillows and other down coats as well, but not the Canada Goose. It was a much greater investment than the other things and therefore much scarier to do. And I had read over and over and over again on the Internet NOT to wash it at home. Though no reason was ever given. Like I said, my white down coat made of similar materials even says you can machine wash it. Clearly, it all worked out, it just took few years of walking around in a filthy coat to get me to do it. 😉 ~ cheshuntteamministry

I have an Eddie Bauer arctic-rated down coat ( half the price as yours and warmer than warm) that I have always washed, along with anything else down, including my duvets. Adding a towel absorbs the moisture in the dryer. I never dry clean anything. Dry cleaning chemicals are bad stuff.

May have missed but saw no mention of treating with stain repellant. The one I use now is – (The following from the front label): “Force Field Upholstery, Rug and Fabric Protector Repels Stains, Spills & Water/ Creates an Invisible Barrier.”

canada goose womens stuff works! I used it after having sofa reupholstered 9 years ago. A sofa is off-white. There are no stains. I’ve used it on new wool rugs. I spray it on my hats and caps. 22 oz. container. Contents will cover +/- 125 sq. ft. (Roughly one full-size sofa or one 6×9 rug canada goose mens jacket,canada goose bomber,black canada goose ,north face,canada goose jacket uk,canada goose sale uk,kids canada goose,canada goose london.)

Just found a link to the first product of this type I had, couldn’t recall the name, which is Vectra.

I’d love to think I’m helping a bunch of Y’all. Eons ago Scotch brand was the only thing I knew about and certainly didn’t hold up for me.

CAUTION: Read the label precautions about where and how to spray. Not inside. I usually do it in my garage to avoid drifting.

moncler I’m done, finally.

Pumice stone is what I use to remove fuzz and make wool coats look good when they are covered in lint. I recently took a very long time to de-fuzz a much loved double-breasted pea coat. Very glad I did, it looks great and did not have to dry clean at all.

canada goose uk The Canadian Goose jackets are catching on in northern Japan too. I went skiing in Yamagata over the winter break and spent a few hours in Sendai on the way home. They were everywhere!

There’s also a girl I see every morning during my commute sporting one (hardly necessary in my area) and I just found one in a used store on the weekend (used yet still going for over $400!!!!)

canada goose coat I’m afraid I’d have to dry clean one here if I had one though – no dryers in most Japanese homes and I’m not prepared to spend 7 hours at a laundry mat!

Got any tips for making wool coats black again? Japanese coats suck, but my Canadian one is looking a bit sad…
Just look carefully for any small tears or worn spots in the fabric. I washed some down pillows this summer and one of the cases tore – I had feathers everywhere. It looked like a goose exploded in my washer. Took me forever to wipe them all out. Of course, the laughing slowed me down some…

canada goose sale I always wash my down barn jacket in the washer. It says dry clean only. I throw my sneakers (they were washed too) in there to fluff the feathers. I even wash my cashmere sweaters in the washer with cold water then air dry them. I feel like such a rebel when I disobey the dry clean only labels.

I can only comment on the new dry cleaning solvent and can assure you it is nothing like “embalming fluid”. However, did you know that wrinkle-free shirt, pants, and sheets are indeed soaked in embalming fluid that stays with the garment even after washing, unlike the dry cleaning solvent? I use the dry cleaner on a regular basis it is really not much of an effort canada goose outlet,moncler jacket,womens canada goose jacket,canada goose jacket sale,Canada Goose Black Friday,canada goose clearance,canada goose jackets.
I have had my Canada Goose coat dry cleaned every year for the past 5 years and it is as good as new and my warranty isn’t void and there is no mold or mildew growing on the inside as it was properly cared for. Down must be dried in the drier low and slow.

canada goose mens Apart from the cost and effort involved in dry cleaning, there is the potential health problem of all of those vapors from the dry cleaning fluid (which is something like embalming fluid) being breathed in.

I read years ago that foam rubber mattresses let off a vapor that is full of toxic elements when they are new. The author suggested to never sleep on a new foam rubber mattress or pillow until it had been put out in the sun for 24 hours.

I think it’s time dry cleaning was boycotted. Imagine the health risks of the people who work there?”

The coat is very cute.

canada goose parka I’ll get myself some tennis balls today and make sure the dryer stays on longer. I have two feather cushions n my couch and they smell like wet dog, even though I dried them for an hour and a half. Any level of moisture must set up a gamey smell in the feather shaft.
I always wash my down coats but when it came to washing my dad’s Korean War era sleeping bag (that had huge rips that had been patched) I was terrified. I decided it had to be done and bit the bullet. It washed and dried fine and is so much more pleasant to sleep in. I also bought an old down coat at goodwill and used down from the sleeves to refill some areas that seemed to have lost down over the years. (The body part of the coat became a vest)